'The Voice': Michelle Chamuel Tells Us What It's Like Working With Usher (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Michelle Chamuel from The Voice tells us what it's like working with Usher and what she's really like when she's not on stage! Michelle Chamuel is the self-proclaimed "nerd" on The Voice who has captured all of our hearts.

From the moment she stepped on stage for the "Blind Auditions" and knocked it out of the park with Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," we knew she'd definitely be one to watch...and every time we've seen her perform since, we love her even more!

Now, Michelle has made her way all the way to the top three and will be competing in the finals next week with the hopes of becoming the next Voice champion.

A few weeks ago, we got to ask Michelle some of our burning questions like what her band thinks now that she's gone solo for The Voice, what it's like working with Usher and who the real Michelle is when she's not on stage.

Here's what she had to say:

CAMBIO: You seem so shy, but when you get on stage, you OWN it! Can you describe what comes over you when you step on stage...is it the audience, the music...both?

MICHELLE: Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear it. For me, I'm not really that shy. Being an introvert is more about where I draw my energy and creativity from - which is by spending time with myself. It can be overwhelming to connect with everyone in a large group, so I can come off as shy or a straggler. But when I'm on stage, I'm trying to communicate with that one part that connects all of us. Being an intimate, one on one conversation makes it so there's no need to be overwhelmed (or shy) in that setting.

How does performing on The Voice compare to the gigs you've been performing with your band?

Ha :). Well, the similarities are that I get to perform with a KILLING live band, it feels like a family, the energy is amazing, things aren't always perfect - but you have to focus on the moment and it all works out, and it's very time consuming/demanding to prepare. The differences are really the scale and that The Voice performances need to translate through television.

Is it hard not having the rest of the band with you?

I miss the guys in Ella Riot a lot. We are very close and they are a great support for me. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. Though I miss them, I'm really glad they are all doing their thing. A bunch of the guys are about to go on the road with Darren Criss this summer, and all of them are making a lot of amazing music.

How is your band reacting to you branching out on your own? Are they going to come to any of the tapings?

The guys are amazing. They are so supporting and loving, and they help me grow every day. I would love to have them at the tapings. The availability and practicality of coming to a live taping for people living outside of LA is actually really tough. Even for my friends in LA, it's hard, because a lot of the time it's smack in the middle of a workday.

What is it like working with Usher? Anything you can tell us that we don't know about him?

Heh heh. I get that question so often about working with Usher and insider info. To me, Usher is very honest with who he is. He looked at me on the Blinds stage and asked me what I wanted to do musically, and he's taken an active interest in supporting that from day one. He is patient, giving, present, gifted, and a hard worker.

Does your coach remind you of anyone (famous or someone in your life like you mom or dad) and why?

I have never met anyone quite like Usher before. He is very unique.



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