'Twisted': Three Biggest Shockers in Riveting Mystery's Premiere

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Mystery surrounds Twisted's Danny Desai (Avan Jogia, Victorious' Beck) when the convicted killer returns to his hometown. But is the high schooler really guilty of anything more than being super hot?
Twisted isn't messing around. While the killers on Pretty Little Liars hide behind text messages and red peacoats, 11-year-old Danny Desai (Avan Jogia, Victorious' Beck) confessed to murdering his aunt in the premiere's first flashback.

Now 16 and forced to return to his hometown after five years in juvie, the show's first surprise is that Danny manages to win over so many of his high school classmates. Despite his nickname--Socio, short for sociopath-his wild charisma even charms his traumatized former besties, Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury).

The girls have drifted apart, and no wonder: Jo's suffered severe PTSD since her prepubescent pal's terrible crime--the first of three shockers in the intriguing, disturbing but darkly funny first installment.

1. Since Danny's return, Lacey has been reliving the awful moment that Danny admitted to his friends that he'd just killed his aunt. He was also brandishing the murder weapon: a jump rope. Creepy with a capital creep, and even more unsettling because Danny still refuses to defend himself or reveal his motivation. We can't help wondering whether he is really guilty; could he be covering for someone else?

2. It doesn't look good for the new high schooler when Lacey's best friend Regina is murdered just days after his arrival. Unlike his other wary classmates, she was relentlessly flirting with him and even invited him to her party. And he's a prime suspect in her death because (1) he has a history of killing people, and (2) later that night she texted him that she knew why he killed his aunt.

3. When Danny first met Regina, she was wearing a unique necklace--identical to the one his aunt used to wear. And it's the only thing missing when her body is found. Danny is seriously too cute and protective of Jo to be the real culprit, obvi. He was totally set up, right? Except for the biggest shocker of all: In the cliffhanger ending, Danny is holding the necklace!

Do you believe Danny is guilty of anything more than being super hot? What do you think really happened to his aunt? And is the wait for next week's episode positively killing you?


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