Demi Lovato's Mom Hates Her Tattoos?

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Demi Lovato has many meaningful tattoos, but her mom hates them! Find out what Demi said her parents' reaction was to her birds tattoo on her forearm (they weren't happy). What do you think of Demi's ink? Demi Lovato tattoos her mom hates them fightDemi Lovato has her fair share of tattoos, and it seems that her mom isn't a fan.

When Demi got a fleet of 12 birds flying up her forearm, her mother didn't take it well.

You may recall tattooist Kat von D did the inky honors on the bird tattoos--so that has to count for something, right?

Demi tells Heat (via BelfastTelegraph), "I went over to my mom's and I had it bandaged up, which probably made it look bigger than it was, so she just thought I'd got a half sleeve or something! She didn't react well and I ended up leaving. It was pretty bad."

She added, "My mom and I got into a huge fight when I got the birds on my arms, just because she has a different perception of tattoos than my generation does. And so it's hard to explain to her that it's like art for your skin and you don't have to draw it on every day."

She explained that there's meaning behind the ink and not worth battling, noting, "It's something that's meaningful. My mom and dad get so mad! When it's littler ones, my mom doesn't mind so much, but we got into a huge fight over this."

Demi added that her dad just doesn't talk about it, saying, "My dad still, to this day, has not mentioned anything about my tattoo, which is pretty funny."



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