Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Reportedly Got Their Grind On at the Club

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Even though Miley Cyrus claims there's nothing going on between her and Justin Bieber, their actions at the nightclub the other night say something different! Find out what the two celebs supposedly did at the club here!

Miley CyrusIs there something going on between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber?

Although she recently claimed they're just friends and that she's still engaged to Liam Hemsworth, that hasn't stopped people from talking about the two of them reportedly grinding and dancing pretty close during their recent nightclub visit together.

"Yeah, they did [dance together.] Miley can dance her ass off and Justin I'm sure had fun dancing with her. He grinded up against her a few times and people were laughing and Miley was like 'Oh Wow.' But it wasn't anything serious, it's just how everyone dances," an insider that was there that night told

"They were just casually talking," the source added.

"It wasn't like they were bent on having a full-on conversation. It was more of partying and listening to music. Beacher's isn't the type of place where you would go to talk."

What do you guys think is going on between the two pop stars? Find out what Miley had to say about all of the Bieber rumors and Amanda Bynes HERE!

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