Snoop Dogg Talks About Being a Snail in 'Turbo'! "He's a Smaller Version of Me"

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'Turbo' is Disney's newest animated film, and it includes voices like Ryan Reynolds, Michelle Rodriguez and Snoop Dogg! Check out what the cast had to say about their snail characters. Disney's newest animated film, Turbo, is directed by David Soren and voiced by a talented cast including Michael Pena, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.

We caught up with some of the cast at the special Turbo-charged party event at the E3 Gaming Convention to hear a little more about the 3D film, their characters and what their favorite video games are.

"Turbo is about this awesome snail who gets struck by lightning and then all his dreams come true," Michelle told us. "My character is a mechanic who happens to stumble across this snail character [Turbo] and a bunch of others."

And one of those snails is Snoops' character. "I love Smoove Move," Snoop told us. "He's like a smaller version of me. But low to the floor, on the ground, in the grass, moving and grooving, shaking and banging."

It almost sounded like Snoop was talking about one of his top video games [Madden NFL], but when it comes to that, he likes to keep it old school. "My favorite of all time probably will be Donkey Kong, Dig Dug and Ms. Pac-Man."

Uh, that's three, but who's going to argue with Snoop?

Turbo will be out in theaters on July 17.

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