'The Voice': Danielle Bradbery Opens Up About Being the Youngest Singer in the Competition (EXCLUSIVE!)

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The Voice contestant Danielle Bradbery tells us about how she feels when she steps on stage and what it's like being the youngest singer in the competition. Danielle Bradbery is the youngest singer on The Voice this season. She is a 16-year-old self-taught country singer from Texas who wowed the judges from the first moment she stepped on stage.

Now, she's advanced all the way to the top three and will be competing in the finals next week.

A couple of weeks ago, Cambio caught up with the young country singer and got to ask her a few questions about the battles, being bullied and what she thinks of her coach.

Not surprisingly, Danielle is every bit as adorable as we had expected!

Check out our Q&A with Danielle below...

Cambio: Blake Shelton said your ability blows his mind...how did that feel coming from such a huge superstar?

Danielle: When Blake told me that my voice blows his mind, I could not believe what I heard! What an honor and a dream come true. I have been speechless quite a bit in this competition!

You are the youngest singer in the competition. Is that intimidating or do you not mind it?

I am the youngest in this competition. I do not mind it at all. I have learned so much from the other artists. In a way, they have become like my big brothers and sisters! We are all very supportive of each other.

During the blind auditions, they said that was your first time singing in front of a crowd. Is it getting any easier as the competition goes on or is it still hard to get used to?

Since the blind auditions I have become more comfortable and confident being on stage. The more I sing on stage, the better I become. I get so excited when I'm about to go on! It's starting to feel very natural to me.

Being a self-taught singer, is it hard having a voice coach all of a sudden since you probably have your own way you're used to doing things?

Although I did teach myself how to sing. I didn't know the proper way to breath while singing, how to warm up, all of the things that make a real difference. Now that I have a voice coach, a whole new world has opened up to me. I can hear and feel a huge difference in my voice. I believe I have come a long way in a short time.

You had mentioned that you were bullied when you were younger...but you've obviously risen above it. What advice would you have for anyone who is being bullied or has been bullied in the past?

My advice to those who are, or have been bullied would be...HAVE FAITH, Stay strong, Keep believing in yourself. Try not to let anyone steal your joy. I know it's hard...but if I can get through it, SO CAN YOU!!!

What is one thing that surprised you about your coach, Blake Shelton?

The one thing that surprised me about my coach, Blake Shelton is...What you see is what you really get! He is funny, laid back, genuine and so very nice.

Does Blake remind you of anyone?

I guess you could say that Blake Shelton reminds me of my Dad. A country boy at heart and a gentleman.



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