Harry Styles "Don't Let Me Go" with Sam McCarthy: Will Harry Go Solo?

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Listen Harry Styles Don't Let Go Sam McCarthy
Listen to Harry Styles sing "Don't Let Me Go" with Sam McCarthy--not One Direction! Does this mean Harry is going solo and leaving 1D behind? Find out more about the song that's got Directioners worried. Harry Styles fans went a bit mental last night when a recording of him singing "Don't Let Me Go" without One Direction was discovered online.

Does this mean Harry's leaving One Direction and going solo?

And why are we just hearing about this song now? It's been around for seven or eight months!

Here's the scoop: a video recording for "Don't Let Me Go," a song from songwriter Sam McCarthy, featuring Harry, started making the rounds.

As you'd expect, the song got major attention on Twitter and Sam tweeted: "Wow! Thanks for all the nice tweets about the song. Harry did most of the words I did the music. X."

Yep, songwriter Harry!

It's a really beautiful ballad and fans are smitten--but also worried. Does this mean Harry will quit 1D any time soon?

We don't think that's happening (they have a huge stadium tour ahead and are still touring this year), but it's nice to hear him trying something different out.

Seems it's missing four other boys' voices though. Or maybe that's just us.

Also? It looks like Harry's massive butterfly tattoo may finally be explained--check it out compared to Sam's "The Lovers" artwork. That looks a bit similar:

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