'The Purge' Star Max Burkholder Rocks Our Fast Facts Challenge (Watch!)

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What should you do if you get into a fight with a kangaroo? Or if you're trying to escape from a swallow? The Purge star Mark Burkholder answers those questions and more in our fast facts challenge! Max Burkholder has quite the repertoire of random facts.

The 15-year-old Purge star, who said he got creeped out by the masked men in the thriller flick, is not only a talented thesp, but he's also pretty impressive when it comes to spouting out facts on just about anything.

So, what were some of Max's fast facts?

1. "Swallows cannot fly well with a tail wind," he told us. "So, if you're ever trying to escape from a swallow, make sure you have a tail wind."

2. "In the movies that have a lot of blood, it's cinnamon flavor so they can stand it. I've heard its corn starch and food coloring."

3. "Kangaroos cannot hop backwards, so if you're ever attacked by a kangaroo, get behind it."

4. "Lobsters can live forever until they're killed. So, they're lobsters at the bottom of the ocean the size of wolves."

5. As for facts about himself, he is afraid of centipedes and crane flies are "the bane of [his existence]."

Totally random, right?

Check out Max dishing on his experiences on set with Games of Thrones star Lena Headey, and more of his fun, random facts in the clip above!


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