'The Voice': Do the Swon Brothers Ever Argue? (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Find out what The Voice contestants The Swon Brothers fight about, what they think of their coach, Blake Shelton, how they're adjusting to life in L.A. and more!

This season, The Swon Brothers became the first duo ever to make it past the "Battle Rounds" on The Voice. Now, they've made Voice history as they are advancing to the finals next week.

Earlier in the competition, we caught up with Colton Swon and got to ask him all of our burning questions.

Check out the Q & A below to find out if The Swon Brothers ever fight, how they felt when they stepped on stage for their battle and why Blake just might be named an honorary "Swon Brother"!

Cambio: Do you think being a duo in a competition comprised mostly of individual singers is an advantage or disadvantage?

Colton: It's a catch-22. You have twice the work and have to decide who sings lead or harmony, but on the other hand, have the potential to have twice the sound. One advantage is you have someone to lean on when times get stressful. Wouldn't want to do this as a solo artist. Couldn't do it.

Do you guys ever fight or get competitive with each other?

Honestly not much. It's more irritable fights like stop crunching ice, or turn the TV down. We could fight though, and be best friends again three minutes later.

What is it like for two guys from Oklahoma to suddenly be walking around L.A. and getting noticed, having fans come up to you, etc.?

Starting to feel like our home where everybody knows everybody! (Side note: Still blown away by traffic though!)

Did one of you decide to get into music first and the other followed or was it something you both always wanted to do?

Although I always wanted to be like my big bro, music began in the womb. I would've done music first if I had come first. We became a duo August, 17 1988 (my birthday).

You guys seem so comfortable on stage, are there any butterflies (especially during the battle) or do you guys just feel at home when you're performing in front of an audience?

Stepping on stage has been the best and easiest part of this whole process. Its one thing in LA we are familiar with.

What is one thing that surprised you about your coach?

When the cameras stop rolling Blake doesn't. He is invested and genuine, TV show or not.

Does Blake remind you of anyone?

Blake reminds me a lot of my big bro -- just a whole lot cooler. Yeah I said it.....but it's honestly like having another sibling.

Check out our gallery below to see Zach, Colton and their fellow Voice contestants in some behind-the-scenes pics!



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