Zayn Malik Too Skinny? Pic Shows One Direction Star Looks Super Thin

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Is Zayn Malik too skinny? A new photo of a rail thin Zayn shows the One Direction star may have lost some significant weight. Was it the angle and lighting though? We compare pics of Zayn taken on the same day to show the difference. Zayn Malik too skinny photoA new photo of Zayn Malik shows the One Direction star looking very skinny. Too skinny.

Anorexia rumors have swirled after the pic of Zayn made the rounds, with the 1D hottie showing off seriously skinny legs and arms.

Is Zayn okay?

Remember, the 1D guys are eating healthier and working out more to stay in shape for the demands of their tour.

Many are worried though that the pressures of being a huge boy band star are taking a toll on Zayn's health.

Is Zayn's weight loss too severe?

An insider tells Us Weekly, "He's lost a lot of weight," adding, "He started to eat healthy a while ago and working out to get in shape as he had never trained before. He wanted some definition."

The source continued, "He's always been the slimmest of the band members, naturally, but I think he's running around a lot, getting stressed, and not putting health first."

We're concerned as well, but have to wonder if the angle of this photo isn't creating the illusion of a thinner-than-normal Zayn.

In other pics of Zayn taken the same day as this one, he's looking a bit healthier and not so skin-and-bones.

In other Zayn news--fans feared he may have shaved his head completely, but it's only the sides of his hair. Phew!

Zayn Malik too skinny anorexic photo

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