Amanda Bynes vs. 'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland? Twitter Feud Heats Up

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Amanda Bynes vs. Sarah Hyland? When Amanda called the 'Modern Family' star "ugly," Sarah's boyfriend, Matt Prokop, had quite the Twitter fight with Amanda. Check out the war of words that went down over the weekend. Amanda Bynes Sarah Hyland ugly Matt Prokop Twitter fightAmanda Bynes, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, and her boyfriend, Matt Prokop, got into quite the Twitter feud.

Seems Sarah was the latest victim of Amanda's "ugly" commentary, and Matt came to his girlfriend's defense.

In response to Amanda's tweet: "If you're not hot I don't care about you," Matt responded, "look in a mirror...Stop getting work done. Save what's left."

Amanda fired back: "your girlfriend has an ugly face like you"

Matt tweeted back: "wow. The devil speaks. We were fans of yours."

He slammed her, writing, "and my girl is more successful than you ever will be enjoy the long road downhill disgusting crack head."


He added, "It's sad @AmandaBynes was a child actress who kids looked up to. Now she's just a lost soul in a plastic face. #gethelp"

When Matt tweeted a side-by-side pic of Sarah and Amanda, showing just how "ugly" his girlfriend is, Amanda shot back: "I like her ugly face! She isn't as pretty as me! You need to put up two comparable professional photos! She's not a model I am!!!"

He wrote back: "@AmandaBynes you aren't a model you are plastic. Nothing about you is real anymore. It's so sad how blind you are to reality."

Amanda ranted on, tweeting: "also new pics because surgery helps me! I need more to make my nose smaller! I'll put our pics side by side to prove my point!"

He seemed to shut her down with a final comment: "@AmandaBynes stop getting work. You were beautiful. Me and Sarah looked up to you. Now you are looking more like a pornstar. #itssad"


As for Sarah, she commented: "So me and @mattpro13 have officially made it. @AmandaBynes called us ugly! #blessed"

She added, "Love my man @mattpro13 defending my honor <3"



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