Khloe Kardashian Tweets About Baby Kimye

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Khloe Kardashian is the first member of the Kardashian family to publicly acknowledge that Kim has finally given birth to the child she was expecting with Kanye West. See what she had to say... Finally! Someone in the Kardashian camp has publicly addressed that fact that Kim Kardashian had her baby.

It's not that we all didn't already know, but being as the family lives such a public life, it was a little surprising how they were being so coy about the subject.

In fact, the whole family was tweeting away as if it was business as usual yesterday, which it most certainly wasn't!

Now, Khloé Kardashian has finally acknowledged baby Kimye's birth and as usual, she is super supportive of her sister.

"I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now apart of our family. Mommy/baby are healthy &resting. We appreciate all of the love," she tweeted on Sunday.

"More info will come when the time is right! Thank you all for understanding! We love you all dearly! Overwhelmed with love right now," she continued.

So sweet! Baby Kimye is lucky to have such a great auntie.

We know the family is enjoying this precious moment in all of their lives, so we'll be patient (well, and also there is the fact that we don't have any other choice!), but we can't wait to see the first pics of Kim's mini me!



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