Ian Somerhalder's Twitter Hacked, Fans Track Down the Culprit

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Thanks to fans, Ian Somerhalder was able to stop a Twitter hacker before the culprit took things even further. Find out what his fans did and what went down when the Vampire Diaries star confronted his hacker. Leave it to Ian Somerhalder to handle a Twitter-hacking situation with finesse.

The Vampire Diaries star's Twitter account was hacked Friday morning by someone using the handle @fpt, who told Ian's fans to follow a random account and blocked them when they tried to tell Ian he'd been hacked.

Once the actor became aware of the situation (via followers who alerted him to odd messages and links popping up on his Twitter page), Ian tweeted this to the culprit: "‪@fpt you are an a-- my friend. Get out of my acct."

Ian soon softened up though, later sharing a screenshot on Instagram of direct messages he had exchanged with the hacker on Twitter.

"From my twitter account hacker," Ian wrote in a caption alongside the pic. "Was just having some fun he/she said.Now back to work-filming today."

Here's what they said during the exchange:

"lol I know you're probably pissed but I have nothing but respect for you –was just having a little fun. No hard feelings," the hacker wrote in the message. "Let me know how I can make it up to you (or block me if you want), I won't message you again unless you respond – Peace."

"Really not cool... I appreciate the message though..Yes, please stop. Have a great day," Ian responded back.

Once the situation was handled, Ian thanked fans for their help, tweeting, "In other great news-I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!THANKS FOR HELPING ME;) Love, The REAL Ian."

What a class act.

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