'The Wanted Life' Season 1 Episode 3 Reaction: Siva Has No Love For His Fans?

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Did you miss the episode of 'The Wanted Life' last night? If so, don't worry we got your back! Check out the third episode's recap and are reaction to the whole thing here! Let us know what you thought about the show too!

Siva from The WantedDid you watch The Wanted Life last night?

If not and if so, then we have a lot to talk about and catch you up on!

This time the show focused on the band and their relationship with their fans, especially when they invited some of the most devoted ones to come back to their mansion to party.

Of course, Siva and Nareesha weren't feeling the party at all and after Siva and Max got into a little argument, the band basically told him and Naressha majority rules and that there would be a party no matter what.

Because he didn't want his fans there, we kind of lost a little respect for Siva but in the end, he did say he made a mistake and that the party was cool because his fans were happy.

We still think there's going to be issues with him and the rest of the band though...don't you?

One fan gets the best present ever when she's picked to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" with Jay McGuiness. Don't worry, nothing too raunchy went down and although we were teased with "hot and heavy" action, the two only joked around and Jay actually ran on a treadmill and she coached him during their "heaven" time.

The guys also showed off their sweet side when they did a concert for kids at Children's Hospital after Ryan Seacrest asked them to. Aww!

Nathan experienced more vocal issues (obviously leading up to his surgery) and Nano tried to explain the importance of oral care...

Check out what happened last week on The Wanted Life HERE! Are you feeling the show so far? Let us know what you thought about this week's episode!

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