Keegan Allen and Janel Parrish Couch Sesh Highlights: What Are Their Guilty Pleasures?

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We had a blast chatting with Keegan Allen and Janel Parrish from 'Pretty Little Liars'! They answered all of your burning questions including the creepiest scene they've filmed, what we can look forward to this season and what their guilty pleasures are!

Nothing but the truth!

We got so much scoop during our live video Q&A with Pretty Little Liar's Keegan Allen and Janel Parrish!

They covered all things about PLL, including the creepiest scene they've filmed, what they have in common with their characters and even what their guilty pleasures are.

"When I was in Radley and they had me kind of humming to these creepy dolls in an empty children's ward," said Janel about the creepiest scene she's filmed. Keegan answered, "Ravenswood actually. Toby and Spencer go there."

Janel doesn't hope to have (crazy) similarities to Mona, but "You're really intelligent and smart like Mona," Keegan told her. And as for Keegan, "He's dashing like Toby and he's got abs like Toby," said Janel. We agree!

Though his guilty pleasure probably doesn't help get him those abs. "I watch Downton Abbey and eat ice cream," Keegan shared. "It gets pretty bad. I'm like 'I shouldn't have watched Downton Abbey or I shouldn't have eaten the ice cream.' I don't feel great after the whole thing."

Keeping it simple, Janel is just a fries and burger girl. "I'm very fond of Arby's," she told us. "Curly fries and the beef and cheddar. It's really good."

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