'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Episode 3: Cora & Boyd Wreak Havoc

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On tonight's episode of Teen Wolf, the werewolf crew was on a race to capture Cora and Boyd before they killed everyone in town. Did they stop them in time? Read on to find out!
Tonight we saw just how big of a mistake it was for Allison to set Boyd and Cora free.

The newly released werewolf duo went on a rampage after Allison freed them to save Scott and Derek last week, thirsty for blood and terrorizing the town (even targeting a couple of kids at one point!).

But, when dead bodies began to pile up in a peculiar way, it became questionable whether Cora and Boyd were actually behind the killing spree.

Read on to find out our reaction to this week's Teen Wolf episode!

Lydia finds a dead body: It's bad enough that Lydia is having nightmares again, but finding a dead lifeguard at a pool...that's a totally different story. Lydia also had no idea how she got to the pool in the first place (she seriously needs a vacation from Beacon Hills).

So much for Stiles' romp: Stiles finds Heather, the young woman who seduced him and was kidnapped before they sealed the deal, in a morgue. But, there was even worse news coming for Stiles. Whatever is out there that killed Heather and the lifeguard is killing virgins, and the murders are actually sacrifices. That means big trouble for Stiles who still happens to be one.

The Big trap: It was past time to shut Cora and Boyd down. So, when Scott and the rest of the werewolf crew (Scott, Derek and Isaac) found that to be a difficult task, they tapped Allison's dad, the former-wolf trapping Chris Argent, to help them. Allison teams up with her dad to help capture the duo and it works (not before Derek almost gets ripped apart by Cora and Boyd....but it works).

Who (or what) is the cause of the sacrificing spree?: It certainly wasn't Cora and Boyd, which leaves us with the huge question of who (or what) is killing virgins in the town and why. The murders have been three fold-with each victim having slit throats, bashed heads and strangle marks. But, now that Cora and Boyd are out of the running, we have even less of an idea of who is behind the murders.

What is up with those bugs? They're creepy. They're huge. And something tells us we're going to see more of them (in a big way). Do they have something to do with the killings? We'll just have to wait and see.

Don't miss the next episode of Teen Wolf June 24 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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