'The Voice' Live Finale Part 1 Recap: The Final Three Perform Their Last Three Songs

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On part one of 'The Voice' live finale, Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel and the Swon Brothers each performed three songs. One song was new, one was whichever song they thought was their defining performance and the last was a duet. On part one of The Voice finale, each of the remaining contestants was tasked with selecting three songs. One was a new song, one was a duet with their coach and the other was a reprise of what they believed to be their defining performance.

First up was the Swon Brothers who sang the Eagles hit, with "I Can't Tell You Why."

As usual, it was a good performance, but it was a little slow and lacked excitement. The audience just seemed to be swaying with the music rather than really engaging with the Swon Brothers.

Next up was Michelle Chamuel, singing "I Knew You Were Trouble," which she chose as her defining performance from the competition.

Of course, Michelle was amazing. This time, she seemed much more relaxed singing the song and she was able to work the crowd more as she moved about the set.

Quite possibly the best part of the performance, however, was how adorably excited Usher was the whole time. Seriously! He was beaming...

After the performance, Shakira couldn't even get a word in because the audience was going so crazy.

Next up, was Danielle Bradbery singing "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" with her coach Blake Shelton joining her on stage.

This was definitely one of Danielle's more upbeat performances and it was fun to see her performing with Blake on the country carnival-themed stage.

The only thing we didn't like about this performance was that it felt like they were trying to scream over each other and their voices didn't blend very well together.

For the Swon Brothers' second performance, they sang "Danny's Song," which they had chosen as their defining performance.

Much like their first song, it was a little slow, so we were anxious to see something a little more fun from them later in the show.

Still, their rendition of the song was good and Usher said that he couldn't help but get lost in it as they were singing.

Michelle Chamuel was next on stage, singing Annie Lennox's "Why" as her new song.

She started out singing in what looked like a mirror and as she walked away, the (pre-recorded) Michelle in the mirror stayed, which was a really cool effect.

Michelle seemed like she was coming from a much more vulnerable place with this song and it was good to see that side of her again.

The Swon Brothers returned to the stage next, singing "Celebrity" with Blake Shelton.

This one was absolutely their best performance of the evening and the three of them on stage were captivating. The whole audience was really into it, too.

It was refreshing to see the Swon Brothers having so much fun on stage again after the series of serious performances we've seen from them lately.

For Danielle Bradbery's defining performance, she chose "Maybe It Was Memphis."

We were so glad she chose this song because her rendition is so incredibly beautiful.

As usual, Danielle didn't sing a single note off-key and while it could easily get boring hearing the same song again, she managed to make this one just as entertaining as the first.

Next, Michelle Chamuel and Usher took the stage to sing "One."

After hearing this, we really hope they release a duet in the future because their voices sounded so great together!

For awhile, it felt like Usher was trying a little too hard, but knowing how he feels about Michelle, he probably just wanted to get out there and give her everything he had.

We saw three very different types of songs from Michelle during the finale, which reminded us just how versatile she is as a singer.

The last performance of the evening was Danielle Bradbery, singing "Born to Fly"

This was Danielle's most fun performance of the evening and it was really great to see her throw all of her youth and energy behind a song.

Of course, she sounded great also, but she really showed us more of her stage presence with this song and it was nice to see.

We still can't believe she's only 16!

Now that all of the final songs have been sung, we just have to sit back and wait until the results!

Somehow, 24 hours suddenly feels like an eternity...

Who are you rooting for? Danielle, Michelle or the Swon Brothers?



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