Harry Styles Wears Candy Thong? Zayn Malik Takes a Bite! Watch!

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Harry Styles candy thong underwear One Direction Zayn Malik video
Watch Harry Styles wear candy thong underwear as Zayn Malik takes a bite during a recent One Direction concert. Video shows the thong being thrown on stage, Harry putting it on and Zayn nibbling. Oh my! One Direction's recent concert got downright naughty--watch as Harry Styles wears a candy thong while Zayn Malik eats it.

Yeah. It sounds kind of wrong writing it--but watch it to get the full effect.

A fan tossed the candy thong on stage (who knew such a thing existed?) and Harry was more than happy to put the edible underwear on.

Honestly, is there nothing these guys won't do for their fans?

Harry put the sweet undergarment on (over his clothes, sorry!) and that wasn't all--he pulled over to Zayn's face and he took a nibble.

Thankfully, there is video proof of this all happening, otherwise it would sound like the wildest bit of 1D fan fiction ever.

So, yeah, Harry and Zayn's candy thong incident isn't exactly kid friendly for the younger fans, but wow, is it funny.

Bonus points to the person who thought to bring candy underwear to the show.

Harry also takes a bite himself (notice Liam Payne declines a nibble).


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