'Twisted': Danny Is Totally Guilty, Right?

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The plot thickens on Twisted! Danny (Avan Jogia) looks guiltier than ever, and the second episode posed more questions than answers.

The plot thickens on Twisted! Danny (Avan Jogia) looks guiltier than ever, and the second episode posed more questions than answers. Here's a rundown:

Is anyone genuinely mourning Regina besides Lacey? Props for her eulogy-and to the Green Grove high schoolers for dressing appropriately for a funeral. (Unlike the Pretty Little Liars' slutty LBDs.)

Why won't Lacey confirm Danny's alibi? She doesn't seem to believe he really killed Regina, and if Archie freaks out about their sleepover-well, he's a douche anyway.

Why did Sheriff Masterson crash his No. 1 murder suspect's dinner party? OK, Jo's dad used the opportunity to snoop, but considering Danny's history, Regina's incriminating text and Danny's lack of an abili, surely he could've achieved better results with a search warrant.

Why does Danny refuse to explain why he killed his aunt? Or is he protecting another murderer? We might kill Danny ourselves if this mystery isn't explained by the season finale.

What is the deal with that necklace? Was Regina really wearing the aunt's jewelry, or did she buy a knockoff at Hot Topic? And why did Danny destroy pictures of his aunt but spare her necklace? If he really did strangle her with a jump rope, something she once wore around her neck can't be a pleasant reminder. Unless he really is a sociopath and this is a sick keepsake?

What kind of teenager watches Murder, She Wrote? Rico may not have been one of Regina's "nerd pets," but his obsession with Jessica Fletcher certainly qualifies him for the position. Hopefully Jo's hilarious sidekick doesn't become a scary creep like PLL's token geek Lucas.

Does Danny want to go back to jail? If not, maybe he needs to enroll in an anger management class or at least get a Xanax prescription so he doesn't pick any more fights with Archie.

Why does Karen Desai's home look exactly the same as it did five years ago? Everyone keeps mentioning it, so it's either a big deal or one of Rico's red herrings.

Do you think Danny's guilty as charged?

Twisted airs Tuesday nights at 9 on ABC Family.

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