Tyler Posey may be an MTV star, but when it comes to his true love, look no further than music.

"Music is by far my biggest passion because I got to do music on my own," Tyler told the Hollywood Reporter. "My dad--who I'm very thankful for--got me into this business when I was really young, so it wasn't my idea to put me in this business. I love it, but, music is definitely my own thing and I'm just so proud of where I took my band. We did everything and light years beyond what I thought we would do with a band."

Although his band, Lost in Kostko, isn't together at the moment (he didn't mention why), the Teen Wolf star said "music is something I definitely want to keep pursuing."

"I want to start scoring music and putting music in TV shows," Tyler continued. "I'd love to have another band-maybe something solo, I want to go on tour...I did have one of my band's songs in the first season of Teen Wolf. It was really cool. I was sleeping and my alarm clock wakes me up, and it was my band that woke me up."

Tyler also dished on his coolest music memory, recalling a time he played on stage with one of his favorite bands, The Ataris.

"I grew up listening to them and had no idea I would ever play on stage with them," Tyler said. "They were playing one of my favorite songs by them and they pulled me on stage and the singer gave me a kiss while we were singing the song and it was by far the coolest memory...thing I've ever done."

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