Did Lady Gaga and Cher Do a Duet?

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Lady Gaga and Cher recorded a duet together, but one of them hates it and doesn't want it to be released. Find out which diva doesn't like the track. Will a Cher and Lady Gaga collaboration be appearing on either of their new albums?

Turns out, the two divas did record together, but nobody will be hearing the song anytime soon.

"I did a song with Gaga and I think it's brilliant," Cher explained during a live stream interview while she was backstage at The Voice finale. "I thought her performance was great, but she doesn't like it."

So, does that mean we'll NEVER get to hear it?

Fans asked Cher that same question on Twitter and she responded, "It's done & she (Gaga) doesn't like it, or want it to come out. She's an artist, it's up to her. I'm disappointed 2 (too)."

Count us as three...we can't even imagine how cool it would have been to hear both of them together on one track!

This isn't Gaga's first diva duet, either. She famously joined forces with Beyoncé for her megahit "Telephone."

Fortunately, we got to hear that one!

Do you think Gaga's duet with Cher will ever be released? ...or leaked, perhaps?!



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