Kim Kardashian Names Her Baby North West, Will Call Her "Nori" for Short

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their baby "North West," which confirms reports that were circulating months ago saying that the couple wanted to give the baby a name that played off of her directional last name. Well, it looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have settled on a name for their child...and it looks like baby Kimye is going to give Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple, a run for her money!

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye have chosen to name their baby North.

Yes, as in North West...

Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago that the couple might be considering a compass-friendly name for their child after The Sun published a report with an unnamed source saying they were giving it some serious thought.

"Kanye's ego is something else," the source told the mag. "He also has a sense of humor though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It's half tongue-in-cheek..."

Naturally, it was just dismissed as typical tabloid fodder, because who would really make a joke out of their child's name?!

Apparently, Kim and Kanye would, because TMZ reports that the birth certificate from the hospital does indeed say "North West"...although they could have just been referring to which wing the child was to be kept in.

According to E! Online, North (who has straight, black hair and looks a lot like Kim) has no middle name, but will be called "Nori" for short.

Truthfully, we're kind of shocked that Kim didn't follow family tradition and pick a "K" name and secondly, that she would have chosen something as "polarizing" as "North"...see what we did there?

Still, we're glad that Kim, Kanye and the baby are all happy, no matter which direction they choose to take their lives in.

But which name do you think is worse: North or Apple?

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