One Direction: Showing Off Private Parts? 1D Bares All!

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One Direction promises they'll be showing their "private parts" in their upcoming 1D 3D movie, 'This Is Us.' Find out what 1D fans can expect with the new movie and how they'll learn even more about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. One Direction private parts in 1D This Is Us 3D movieOne Direction is showing off their "private parts"--for their upcoming movie, This Is Us, that is.

The 1D guys are dishing on their new movie and they aren't hiding anything--in fact they said they're baring all for fans.

Before you get any dirty ideas, they just mean they're putting it all out there, and we're sure the fans will be thrilled with the results.

One Direction: This is Us follows Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry on "the biggest tour of their lives," according to director Morgan Spurlock.

In a new interview with News Limited (via Herald Sun), Louis said it will show fans "who we are."

We'll see Niall getting ready for his brother's wedding and Zayn giving his mom a new house, among other band highlights.

Louis added, "It's all a reality," while Harry noted, "It's always going to be scary when you're allowing someone to come in and film everything you're doing because it's..."

"Your private parts," Liam said.

Louis added, "And they are meant to be private."

Harry said, "Because they're the parts that are supposed to be covered. But they're not."

Louis piled on..."They're just there for everyone to see. Like a slap in the face..."

Oh my gosh, guys, we get it!

Harry notes that the "movie is a great chance for fans and the people who don't really know us to see a different side of us."

We can't wait!



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