Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus: "Teach Me How to Twerk"

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Twerking is all the rage right now...and Britney Spears wants to keep up with the latest trend.

A few months ago, Miley Cyrus posted a video of herself twerking in a unicorn costume and it became an overnight sensation.

Since Miley's pioneer twerk, we've seen everyone from Ashley Tisdale and Amanda Bynes to the guys of One Direction all jumping on the booty shaking bandwagon!

Now, Britney Spears wants to get in on the action, asking the queen herself to teach her how to twerk it like a pro.

"Loving your new video for #WeCantStop @MileyCyrus! Maybe you can teach me how to twerk sometime LOL ;) xo," Britney tweeted.

Miley responded to the pop star's request, saying, "@BritneySpears we could twerk it out in exchange for u teaching me da moves 2 "slave for you" (I've been practicing for the past 10 years)"

So far, Britney is yet to respond to Miley's offer, but we're SO hoping this happens!

Which would you rather see: Britney twerking or Miley doing the sexy "Slave for You" dance?

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