Justin Bieber Banned From Indoor Skydiving Facility in Las Vegas For Life!

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Justin Bieber nas been banned for life from an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas! Find out all of the details and why he's never allowed to go back...EVER, here! Really, Justin Bieber?

According to E! News, Justin isn't allowed to come back to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving facility...ever.

On June 16, the Biebs and some of his friends went to the indoor skydiving facility minutes before closing and were HORRIBLE customers. In fact, it has been confirmed by the skydiving place that Justin is never allowed back!

Justin reportedly agreed to pay for his friends' fun after they flew but that's not how things went down. When Justin was approached about paying he was told he could either pay up or post an Instagram shot of himself midflight with a favorable comment.

The Biebs allegedly agreed to Insta a selfie as payment but didn't follow through with it.

According to an insider, Justin "actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did."

So why wouldn't JB just pay up? The bill was only $1,600!

What's even better is that a source also says the whole gang left without tipping or paying the staff.

And get this, Justin and his security team were, according to a source, "a disrespectful bunch" who dirtied up the bathroom. One security member allegedly made a mess around the sink, then threw his paper towel on the ground while directly looking at an employee.


Can you believe Bieber and his pals acted this way? So far there has been no comment from Justin or his team.

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