Michelle Chamuel Opens Up About Her Experience on 'The Voice'

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Michelle Chamuel captured the hearts of thousands of Americans during her journey on 'The Voice.' In the end, she placed second. Now, she is opening up about her experience on the show. Now that The Voice is over for the season, we're definitely having Michelle Chamuel withdrawals.

We really looked forward to her amazing performances week after week.

Since the show has ended, Michelle has teased that there will be some new music on the horizon, but she and her coach Usher both said that she is going to take some time to digest everything that happened over the last few months as it was undoubtedly a wild ride both physically and emotionally.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Michelle opened up about her journey on The Voice, her relatability and her sexuality.

Here's what she had to say:

On hearing that Danielle Bradbery had won:

Man, I was just so happy for her. The stuff that she's doing at her age and the trajectory I can see her going on is really incredible. I think everything worked out for the best for everybody. For me, I was itching to regroup and process the experience and put my feet back down at home and just figure out my next step.

On why people felt so connected to her:

I don't know what to say because I'm still on the inside of it, but from the feedback I've been getting, it seems to be because of the furious fight I put up to be myself. I tried to be respectful throughout the process, like, "I totally see your perspective on why you want to attach hair extensions to my head, but this is how I'm most comfortable."

I didn't wear high heels. I tried to apply the least amount of make-up possible. The song choices I pushed for were a little more independent – I got Robyn and Zedd tunes in there. So, I think that struggle resonated with people.

On her sexuality (while it wasn't mentioned on the show, Michelle is openly gay):

Yeah. You'd be surprised by how many people were like, [yelling] "Come out already, you jerk!" But I'm not going to force something into a conversation that has nothing to do with being on the show. But it was interesting to get that kind of pressure. Like, [yelling] "You're not out enough!"

The rest of Michelle's awesome interview can be read here.



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