One Direction: 'This Is Us' Movie Unscripted, Harry Called Filming "Scary"

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One Direction This is Us unscripted Harry calls it scary
One Direction's new movie, 'This Is Us, is entirely unscripted, which Harry Styles called "scary" and "nerve racking." Find out what 1D fans can expect of their summer 3D documentary film. The One Direction movie, This Is Us will undoubtedly be one of the biggest box office smashes of the summer...but what can fans expect?

The 1D guys assure fans that the movie is completely unscripted (check out where they talk about showing their "private parts"), so you're not going to see any set-ups here.

Louis Tomlinson told Total Film (via Metro), "No, nothing at all was scripted. You know if we are asked the questions...we just answer naturally. Because I think that's the most important part, that we show people who we are. And you know, to do that we can't have anything scripted. So it's all a reality."

Fans are going to love that.

Harry added: "I think it's always going to be scary when you're allowing someone to come in and kind of film everything that you're doing. It's always a little bit nerve-racking."

As for director Morgan Spurlock, he said, "We wanted someone who would get really involved in it and kind of get to know us. And not just kind of stand back and make it from the side lines. So I think with Morgan, we're lucky that we have that with him."



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