Farrah Abraham Criticizes Kim Kardashian for Naming Her Baby North West

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Farrah Abraham has already dissed Kim Kardashian a couple of times, saying she outshines her and that she will make smarter choices than Kim has in her life. But now, Farrah is attacking Kim's taste in baby names. Farrah Abraham is determined to continue her one-sided feud with Kim Kardashian.

First, Farrah criticized the decisions Kim has made in her life, before saying that she "outshines" her both personally and professionally.

Then, she took a stab at the whole family, suggesting that the Kardashians are "cashing in on children or continually having children and making money off of them," in what she referred to as "milking the system."

Well, apparently Farrah felt that simply attacking the idea of having children was insufficient, so she decided to be a little more direct.

Regarding Kim and Kanye West naming their child North, Farrah told Hollywood Life, "OK... I think this is being a little too obsessed with the spotlight and celebritism."

Yes, "celebritism."

Then, while explaining how she picked such a wonderful name for her daughter, Farrah also managed to sneak a dig in at Gwyneth Paltrow, who named her daughter Apple.

"I named my daughter what I did because it means wisdom, and that is the most powerful thing to have in life. She is very intelligent and very smart; she will be a star with or without putting a star status on her...I don't need to go out of the box and name my child Apple or something."

In completely unrelated news, Farrah recently spoke out against "bullies" who were criticizing her, calling them "wannabe's."

A little pot/kettle, perhaps?



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