Kim Kardashian Distributing Fake Baby Pictures?

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Kim Kardashian reportedly sent around photos of a baby that was not her daughter North West to see if friends would try to sell, did they? Kim Kardashian knows how much anything associated with her is worth...and so do some of her friends!

According to TMZ, Kim had a feeling some of her friends might try to sell her out if they got their hands on a picture of baby North West, so she was sending around fake photos to see who would try to turn them for a profit.

She reportedly sent a fake baby picture to six of her friends and naturally, one of them did take it to media outlets to try to make some quick cash off of it.

A second picture was also sent around (to six other friends) to see if they would follow suit.

It's sad to think that one of Kim's friends would try to sell her out like that, but it seems some people
will do anything to make a quick buck.

Do you think it was smart of Kim to send the fake baby pictures or do you think she set them up?

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