Niall Horan Flirting with Kristin Klingshirn? Bert Show's Jeff Dauler Under 1D Fan Fire

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Get the details about Niall Horan flirting with radio show The Bert Show co-host Kristin Klingshirn. Both Kristin and host Jeff Dauler came under fire from One Direction fans on Twitter who thought they took advantage of Niall and made fun of him. Niall Horan flirting with The Bert Show Kristin Klingshirn Jeff DaulerWas Niall Horan flirting with radio host Kristin Klingshirn?

Kristin, who is a co-host of radio's The Bert Show, got friendly with Niall, even giving the One Direction singer her phone number and starting up an exchange of texts.

She got so cozy with Niall, he hooked up her and her friends up with 1D concert tickets!

Kristin came under fire from One Direction fans, as did her co-host, Jeff Dauler, who appeared to be making fun of Niall on their radio segment.

Kristin recounted the story of how Niall took an interest in her and they got friendly via text...but she also has a boyfriend!

You can get the full rundown on what happened between Niall and Kristin, as well as the super rage Directioners unleashed on Jeff and The Bert Show gang at their website.

On The Bert Show site, they share the nastiest tweets they received, noting, "some sound byte somewhere on the interwebs got misinterpreted, then Jeff poked the Directioner fan bear, and it was the perfect storm of fandom. With four world-wide trending topics overnight...death threats, hate tweets against Kristin, and some REALLY creepy Jeff-centric NSFW Fan Fiction, we can't even keep up."

Do you think Directioners are right to hate on Jeff and Kristin? Did fans go too far?



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