Teen Wolf: Season 3, Episode 4: A Twist in the Killing Spree

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As it turns out, Teen Wolf's mysterious serial killer is not just out for virgins. Find out the twist that was revealed about the killing spree in this week's episode.
Teen Wolf was back this week with more trouble from the Alpha pack, a new twist in the killing spree and a possible new romance between Allison and Isaac.

Check out the top moments from this week's episode!

The Alpha twins return: The twins are back and causing trouble. After they land Isaac in detention (after nearly killing him in the premiere), Scott, Allison and Isaac get the twins back, playing a prank on them that gets one of them suspended from school.

New romance?: Isaac may have flipped out and nearly killed Allison when he wolfed out after they got locked in a janitor's closet together, but, hey, sparks can still fly. Following that life-threatening incident, Isaac and Allison started getting flirty while they hot-wired the twins' motorcycle for a prank (umm...what about Scott?) Perhaps we'll see more sparks fly? Then again, Isaac is now Scott's roommate--which could make for one awkward living situation.

Lydia keeps losing track of time: After the first dead body appears this week, Lydia finds herself in a music class she didn't sign up for. Then, she finds a cell phone that has been recording piano music...and also picked up some strange chanting. How Lydia keeps finding her way to clues surrounding the killer or dead bodies, we still don't know.

The big question: We also still have no idea who is behind this killing spree. We do know he is extremely creepy and has some way of luring in his victims. He tells his first victim of the episode to "come closer" with a whisper, and the student does just that instead of running away.

The rules have changed: The killer doesn't just have it out for virgins. He's moved on to soldiers. This is great news for Stiles who still has his V-card even though he shouted out "someone needs to sex me right now!" during this episode. The bad news-the killer has murdered three more people. One of those was science teacher Mr. Harris, who knew the killer. As he begged for his life, Mr. Harris kept telling the killer he did what he asked and that he was still needed, which made for an interesting twist.

It's really hard to kill Derek: Seriously. A couple of werewolves from the Alpha pack interrupted his training session with Cora, shoved a pipe through his body (which stays there for nearly all of the episode), and he still survives. During this, Deucalion announces that he is the demon wolf. He also tells Derek to kill off Boyd and Isaac and join the Alpha pack. Here's hoping Derek doesn't take that into consideration.

Don't miss the next episode of Teen Wolf Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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