Johnny Depp's Daughter: No Longer a Justin Bieber Fan?

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Is Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, over Justin Bieber? In a new interview, Johnny talks about Lily-Rose's tastes changing from Bieber to other music. Given her meeting with One Direction, perhaps she's more Directioner than Belieber now? Johnny Depp daughter Lily Rose a Justin Bieber or One Direction fanIs Justin Bieber losing fans?

He's lost Johnny Depp's daughter as a Belieber anyway.

As Justin's fans grow up, some of his fanbase has moved on to other music, while a lot have grown along with Bieber.

In a new interview with E! News, Johnny talked about his daughter's changing musical tastes.

When asked about Justin, he explained, "She [Lily-Rose] thinks that Bieber is obviously talented and stuff...she's now moving into other arenas of music in her life."

He added, "The sounds are changing now."

Also? He said, "She prefer I didn't go to concerts with her, especially don't take her to concerts."


Given Lily-Rose's meeting with the One Direction guys last year, we'd say she may have moved from Belieber to Directioner.

A couple of years ago, he told David Letterman about getting Lily-Rose a meet-and-greet with Bieber at his concert, explaining, "We brought her to the show and introduced them and it was quite astonishing to see your child in this kind of like frozen [state]."

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