'Pretty Little Liars:' Season 4, Episode 3: Masks and Moms

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Pretty Little Liars returned this week with 'A' targeting the Liars' moms, and the Liars' coming across a creepy mask that looks like Ali. Take a look at the top moments from this week's episode!
Pretty Little Liars returned this week with creepy Ali masks, 'A' taking down the Liars' moms and more.

Check out the top moments from this week's episode!

Romantic sparks: We were somewhat excited about Aria and Jake's romance last week...not so much this week. They get together for a couple of casual dates (watching a movie at home and grabbing coffee), but the spark they had on last week's episode appeared to fizzle. They didn't seem to have much in common and their interactions were a bit forced. Perhaps things will heat back up in episodes to come?

Melissa returns, Aria's mom leaves: Spencer's older sister Melissa is back in town-and this is not a fantastic development. Melissa tells Spencer they should leave town "if we know what's good for us." What that means-we'll have to wait and see. While Spencer sticks around in spite of her sister's warning, Aria's mom, Ella, decides to leave to follow her boyfriend to Vienna. She'll be there for less than a year.

Toby investigates: Toby is still digging into what happened to his mother and her suicide. He and Spencer go back to the place where his mom supposedly committed suicide to get more info. Spencer tells him it's highly unlikely his mom jumped and had a clear fall. That doesn't solve the entire mystery, but it's definitely a big clue.

Hanna's mom: Something is seriously off with Hanna's mom. She still looks suspicious--even more so when she lies about her whereabouts and asks Hanna not to say anything if asked where she was on a night she was supposed to be at a play. Was she involved in Wilden's death? Or is she involved in something else even more scandalous?

'A' targets moms: Aria gets a text from 'A' that says "Cleaning up Rosewood one mean mommy at a time." While it's not clear if 'A' had anything to do with Ella leaving, Emily's mom seems to be one of his first targets after someone calls social services on her. Then, there's Hanna's mom, who 'A' may have gotten to in some way as well (this would explain her suspicious behavior).

The Ali masks: Aria finds a mask that looks a lot like Ali--and they go off to search for the person who made it. Once they do, the creator says he'll give up some info on the masks...if Emily lets him make a mold of her face so he can create a Medusa mask. The mask guy tells them Ali wanted masks of her face for "all her friends so they could look like her." As if this couldn't get any creepier, we find out that Melissa also has her own mold-which leaves the question of whether they were together when they got the masks done (and why she has one in the first place).

Don't miss the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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