'Twisted': Is Archie the Real Sociopath?

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Twisted's do-gooder Jo (Maddie Hasson) learns that Archie (Grey Damon) lied about his alibi on the night of Reggie's murder. Could this prove Danny's (Avan Jogia) innocence?

Ah-ha! We knew Twisted's sourpuss Archie (Grey Damon) was going a bit too overboard in his persecution of Danny (Avan Gogia)-he's guilty himself! If he didn't kill Reggie, why has the big bully been lying about his whereabouts on the night of her party? Hmmm....

Mama's Boy: Karen Desai (Denise Richards) must know in her heart of hearts that her only child destroyed all the pictures of his aunt. (Good news: If she's feeling nostalgic, she can always request her autopsy photos.)

Necklace/Neckless: Speaking of autopsies, Aunt Tara is wearing a permanent necklace courtesy of Danny's jump rope, so no wonder she wasn't buried with it. So what is its significance? And why was Reggie the fashionista wearing such a cheap-looking bauble? (Sorry, it had to be said.)

Moving Forward: Danny scored a spot-as a forward no less-on the soccer team! This is incredibly important because we can see Avan Jogia in shorts. Let's go...Tigers? Wildcats? Penguins?

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: At Danny's urging, Jo (Maddie Hasson) is trying to become more active in the Green Grove social scene. Sure, getting wasted and doing body shots at Reggie's party wasn't the ideal way to start-and she paid the price when Sarita subbed a video of said events for a sobriety PSA at the school assembly. But it was kind of a perfect encore for the creepy reunion of Danny, Jo (Kylie Bunberry) and Lacey onstage.

Chemistry Outside Chem Class: First Lacey and Danny spend the night together (totally innocent, barring Danny's possible intermission to kill Regina), then they almost kiss in the hallway?! Good thing Jo is still BFFs with Rico, because it would suck if she becomes the hypotenuse of her original friendship triangle.

Next week, Jo tells her disbelieving dad about Archie's fake alibi, and Danny wears shorts-things are really heating up!


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