Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards Tattoo on His Arm Means Zerrie Forever?

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One Direction's Zayn Malik got a tattoo of girlfriend Perrie Edwards' face on his arm. Does this mean Zerrie will be together forever? Check out the pics of Zayn's new Perrie tattoo. What do you think? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-59%
Zayn Malik's newest tattoo? He got a pic of girlfriend Perrie Edwards inked on his arm!

Does this mean Zerrie is forever now? The ultimate sign of love? has the pics of Zayn getting Perrie's face tattoo while at Tattooed Heart Studios in Maryland.

Yesterday, we reported on Louis Tomlinson's rope tattoo on his wrist, and while we knew Zayn was also in the tattoo studio, we were unclear of what he got.

TMZ also reports that Zayn and Louis tipped the artist pretty nicely when the job was done.

Liam Payne was also reportedly with the guys, but didn't get any fresh ink this go-around.

What do you think of Zayn's Perrie tattoo? Totally romantic? What if they break up?

Maybe this is a sign that Zayn and Perrie will go the distance!



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