Joey McIntyre Dishes on How He Is Right at Home in 'The Heat'

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Joey McIntyre explains how as a Massachusetts native he is right at home in Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's new buddy cop film, 'The Heat,' set in Boston. Massachusetts native Joey McIntyre seems to be right at home in Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's new buddy cop film, The Heat, set in Boston. Joey explained, "It wasn't a stretch. First thing when my friends see me playing this back in Boston, they'll go, 'Oh he's not acting. He is just being his regular obnoxious, chip-on-his-shoulder kind of guy.' It's the old me, but it was just great to be in my own hometown."

Joey plays Peter Mullins, the brother of Melissa's character, Shannon. He loved that the other actors who make up the Mullins family made him laugh while filming. "The Mullins family is pretty crazy because we have Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin, who are really, really funny [in] most of our scenes...Melissa and Sandra were trying to keep a straight face." If they made Melissa laugh, we just have two words: We're in.

Did Melissa or Sandra seek out Joey for any New Kids on The Block singing and dancing tips to prep for their infamous "Groove is in the Heart" drunk-dancing bar scene in the film? "They didn't need to," said Joey. "They have a lot of soul." In addition to dancing, Melissa and Sandra of course do a lot of arresting in the movie. If Joey had to be arrested by another celeb, who would it be? "I'd want to be arrested by Donnie Wahlberg [from] Blue Bloods because he would find a way to get me off and drop the charges," he joked.


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