The Wanted Guys Wanted to Get Rid of Nathan Sykes?

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What the heck?! Did The Wanted guys really want to get rid of Nathan Sykes when he found out he was going to need vocal surgery? Would they have gotten a new guy in the band if he got the ax? Find out here! Nathan SykesDid the guys from The Wanted want to get rid of Nathan Sykes after he found out he was going to need vocal cord surgery?

In a recent interview in The Mirror, The Wanted's Tom Parker admitted that the band did think about what they would have to do if Nathan couldn't come back to the group after surgery and talked about having another guy take his place if need be.

"There was some talk at the label about 'What do we do?' if he can't come back...Do we get rid of him or do we get someone new, but we said 'Listen, if he can't sing, then he's an amazing pianist so get him in the band, just pay him a little bit less," Tom said.

LOL! We know he's joking...but really,you know how Tom is, he probably wasn't. We can't blame the guys for looking and thinking ahead though!

Honestly, we're just super happy Nathan is all good now. We couldn't imagine The Wanted or The Wanted Life without him!

Do you think The Wanted would be successful if any of the guys left the band? Who do you think would be the first member to leave?

Find out what happened on the latest episode of The Wanted Life here!

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