Zayn Malik's Perrie Edwards Tattoo: Artist Confirms It's Perrie, Explains Design

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Get more details about Zayn Malik's tattoo of girlfriend Perrie Edwards. Why did the One Direction star want a tattoo of his love? Zayn's tattooist tells all about how the design came to be and the meaning behind it. Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards tattoo confirmed explained by artistYesterday, Directioners went wild over Zayn Malik's new tattoo tribute to girlfriend Perrie Edwards. has the full scoop on what went down at the tattoo studio, as they asked the hard hitting questions of artist John James Garancheski III from Tattooed Heart Studios, who inked up Zayn.

Long story short, Zayn came in with the design idea, according to John James, who explained Zayn wanted "a punk a comic character. Like a girl that was kind of comic'd-up and had a little bit of a punk rock look to her."

The artist confirmed that "the image was based off of his girlfriend."

John James noted that Zayn said, "'Yeah, that's my girlfriend,' and I was like 'Ah, that's cool.' As I was tattooing him we talked a lot about that."

Here's where it gets adorable, as the tattoo artist explains the meaning behind Zayn's ink: "He talked about how great their relationship is and how he wanted to get an image of her. You know--not an exact picture but something that reminded him of her and I thought that was really cool, really sweet."

In the end, Zayn was really happy with the final result, saying, "it's's perfect."

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