Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Breakup Buzz: Report Claims Drinking to Blame?

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Are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert breaking up? The latest report claims that Blake and Miranda are "drinking their marriage away," with a source pointing at alcohol as the root of their marital problems. Find out if this is true or false. Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert break up rumor drinkingAre Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert heading for a break up?

The latest buzz is that the couple is "drinking their marriage away," according to a new report from Star magazine.

Blake and Miranda, who have been married for two years, have faced numerous breakup rumors before, but is there any truth the pair are heading for divorce?

Star claims, "Though partying is something Miranda and Blake bond over, friends say it's only served to amplify Miranda's jealousy and Blake's uncontrollable flirting--leading to a vicious cycle of drinking, fighting and drinking more as a means to cope."

Oh, but wait...there's more.

An insider also squeals, "Alcohol is the root of 90 percent of their problems. Blake likes to provoke Miranda when he's drunk--he talks constantly about other women he thinks are sexy."

Do you believe it? is shooting down the latest Blake and Miranda breakup rumor, reporting that a source close to the couple says the gossip is "ridiculous."

Reports that Miranda was jealous of Blake's relationship with Shakira made headlines in April, while rumors that Blake was cheating swirled in May, with the couple taking to Twitter to slam the buzz.

Just last month, the National Enquirer said they were heading for a split because of their demanding schedules.

In an interview with CBS This Morning in April, Blake addressed the constant rumors about their relationship, saying, "I just don't think my fans either are buying into it or have time to give a crap--who has time to care these days?"



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