Mac Miller's Guilty Pleasure May Surprise You!

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We caught up with Mac Miller at a secret location to talk about his new album, what he wants to do next and his guilty pleasure! Malcolm McCormick might not be a familiar name, but we bet you've heard of his stage name, Mac Miller!

We got to hang with Mac at a secret location in Los Angeles recently and talked to him about his second studio album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, the recording process and even some of his guilty pleasures.

"All I do is sit in that room down there," Mac told us about recording his album. "[It took] probably a year, which is the longest I ever spent." He added, "There's a lot of pressure. Sometimes you just throw it away and do something completely different."

And different is what he gave us. "It started out literal. We just watched movies with the sound off in the studio," said Mac about the album title. "But it represents a certain state of mind. It's just the vibe and the background."

We didn't get the vibe that Mac was a rom-com guy, but his guilty pleasure proved us wrong. "Me and my homie used to always watch chick flicks," he told us. "It's 2013, lets have some equality here! The stories are just as good."


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