Amanda Bynes Is Hating on Drake...Again!

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Amanda Bynes has made some rather interesting comments about Drake in the past. She first said she wanted him to do something X-rated to her and then declared that he's "ugly" before apologizing....but that was short-lived. See what she's saying now. Amanda Bynes recently said "there is a surgery for everything that's wrong with you," but now she seems to have changed her mind.

The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star took to Twitter to share the latest in her love/hate relationship with Drake and has decided that he is the exception to her "surgery cures all" rule.

"I'm Getting Surgery To Fix My Nose. There's No Surgery That Fixes Drake's Ugly Downward Facing Eyes," she wrote in a now-deleted Tweet. The actress then followed up with, "I Tweet What I Feel" before writing Tweeting what she felt, which is apparently that "Drake Is Ugly."

Just in case there was any confusion, she clarified her sentiment in another now-deleted Tweet, where she declared "I wouldn't kiss Drake even if he paid me."

So, as a little recap, she went from wanting Drake to murder her vagina (her words, not ours) to thinking he was ugly to issuing an now thinking he's ugly again.

Our guess would be that an apology will be following shortly on the heels of this one as well.

As for Drake, he isn't even entertaining any of it-but that's not to say he isn't entertained BY it.

Why do you think Amanda keeps attacking Drake?



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