'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 1: Deb Unravels

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Dexter is back and bringing on the drama. Deb has gone off the deep end post-LaGuerta's death, and there's a new character that knows Dexter's serial-killer secret. Check out our reaction to the thrilling season premiere! It looks like the final season of Dexter is going to be an exciting one (not that we're surprised).

The show picks up six months after Deb shot and killed LaGuerta, and Dexter hasn't seen her in about two months.

Check out our reaction to the season premiere of Dexter!

Deb goes over the edge: One thing's for sure...Deb has totally gone off the deep end. She was starting to unravel last season (before shooting LaGuerta), but this season, LaGuerta's death has sent her over the edge. She quit Miami metro and took a private investigation/bounty hunter job elsewhere, and she's also snorting cocaine regularly with her lover, who just so happens to be a jewel thief. That relationship doesn't last long though...Dex kills him before the episode is over. Considering Deb is already holding a serious grudge against Dexter over LaGuerta's death, this does not help their relationship one bit.

New Couple: We can't say we didn't see this one coming. Quinn and Batista's sister, Jamie, are in a relationship--at least a sexual one. Batista hasn't caught wind of this just yet, but something tells us he will...and soon.

A new killer on the loose: What would this show be without a new serial killer. There's a new murderer on the loose---one who cuts his victims' heads open and scoops out a portion of their brains. And there's a new consultant, Dr. Vogel, who has signed on to the task force and says there will be more bodies to come.

New eyes on Dex: Speaking of the new neuro psychiatrist consultant, Vogel was definitely giving Dexter a suspicious eye during a meeting about the new serial killer--and in the morgue afterwards when she grilled him about the Bay Harbor Butcher. We had a feeling she was about to stir up some drama, and we were absolutely right. Towards the end of the episode, she leaves Dexter with creepy pictures he drew when he was little and says this biting bit when he confronts her to finish off the episode: "You can't kill me. It won't fit Harry's code."

As usual, Dexter has us on the edge of our seats.

We can't wait to see what happens next!


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