Lindsay Lohan Going into Hiding After Release From Rehab?

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly planning to go into hiding upon her release from court-ordered rehab in August. She desperately wants to protect her sobriety and is afraid that city life won't be conducive to her recovery. Lindsay Lohan is almost done with her 90-day court ordered rehab treatment (she is scheduled to be released in August), so what does she have planned once she gets her freedom back?

According to TMZ, LiLo wants to go deep into hiding upon her release to protect her sobriety.

Apparently, the actress is afraid that both the New York and Los Angeles lifestyles are threatening to her sobriety, so she wants to stay far away from both.

The site reports that she plans to move to a quiet city so she can continue to work on herself without all of the temptations and distractions.

Ideally, she would like to find a city where there are no paparazzi, which seems all but impossible given that they will follow celebrities to the ends of the earth.

Basically, if she does manage to find a city that doesn't have paparazzi, there will probably be an influx as soon as she arrives.

Do you agree with Lindsay's decision to go into hiding or will it only make it harder to get back to life in the big city whenever she does return?



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