'The Wanted Life' Season 1 Episode 5 Reaction: Max Suggests That Nareesha Should Move Out!

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Did you watch 'The Wanted Life' last night? If not, we have a full recap and our reaction to the guys' new episode HERE! If so, make sure you tell us what you thought about it! Things DEF got wild and crazy, that's for sure! The Wanted LifeThings got wild and crazy on The Wanted Life last night!

In typical The Wanted fashion, the new episode was filled with partying, girls and drama!

When the partying went too far and random girls showed up all over the guys' house, Nareesha complained to Siva and he was forced to talk to the other guys about it. Max and Nathan weren't really trying to hear what Siva had to say and Max even suggested that maybe Nareesha should just move out! Ouch! (But we totally agree...!)

Siva was PISSED over the whole ordeal and Max made it all better (not!) when he threw another party...the same night. The rest of the band noticed Max's crazy ways and talked to him about it the next day. Awesomely, the whole group kissed and made up...literally!

Then Tom's girlfriend, Kelsey, got her feelings hurt when unflattering pictures of her were released to the media and the guys' BIG bodyguard said something about it! RUDE! To make her feel better, Tom took her out and got her a beautiful charm bracelet!

The guys were also prepping to tape their new "Walks Like Rihanna" music video. Jay and Siva were forced to practice their dance moves at the studio more than the others. It became clear that Siva isn't the greatest dancer and Jay even did his best to portray him. It was hilarious! At the end of the show, the guys' new video was complete, and Siva was super upset he was not showcased in it more!

Get MORE and EXTRA details on the new episode HERE!

Thanks to this ep, our thoughts have been confirmed that Siva is the diva of the group and that his girlfriend just adds to it! We think there's DEF more drama with these two and the band to come! What about you?

Did you like the new ep? What was your favorite part?

Make sure you tune in next Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on E! for another all-new episode of The Wanted Life!

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