Is Farrah Abraham's Rehab Stint Really a Publicity Stunt?

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Farrah Abraham entered rehab for an alleged alcohol abuse problem on July 1, but When Farrah Abraham entered rehab on July 1 for an alleged alcohol abuse problem, skeptics immediately wondered if she was just doing it for attention.

While that might seem overly critical, there is some evidence to support why going to rehab might have been a strategic move for Farrah.

Here are five reasons why Farrah's rehab stint might be a publicity stunt:

1. The director for the alcohol education classes that Farrah was taking in Texas (as part of her DUI sentence) told RadarOnline that she "had difficulty making eye contact, was standoffish and was sarcastic when answering the questions asked of her," so it doesn't sound like she was taking the whole idea of having an alcohol problem all that seriously.

2. Farrah lives in Texas and is attending a rehab facility in Florida, which just so happens to be one that is endorsed by Michael Lohan and where "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil is currently seeking treatment.

Ordinarily, that wouldn't matter all that much, but Patricia has been pursuing a feud with Farrah for quite some time, so obviously them being together in a facility will drum up some drama.

3. Farrah already has a similar publicity stunt under her belt where she tried to stage the leak of a sex tape and had actually masterminded the whole plot to try to gain more publicity.

4. Farrah has been in rehab for a total of one day and has already provided an exclusive interview to a media outlet about seeking treatment. Most celebs, on the other hand, tend to keep things like this pretty quiet. Not to mention, Farrah is tweeting from rehab and has already used the increased attention to plug the diet pill she is endorsing.

5. She has only enrolled in a 10-day outpatient program and posted a Keek video on her way to the airport and she seemed a little too excited about the whole situation.

Granted, she might just be happy to be getting help, but there is also the fact that Farrah has been known to do anything for publicity and she might have just been eager about her next entrepreneurial adventure.

Do you think Farah's rehab stint is a publicity stunt?



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