Johnny Depp on Meeting One Direction: Why They Came to His House

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Johnny Depp meeting One Direction Jimmy Kimmel video
Johnny Depp talks about how he met One Direction in this Jimmy Kimmel Live video clip. Johnny explains how the 1D guys wanted to come to his house after meeting his daughter, Lily-Rose, because, of course. During last night's Jimmy Kimmel interview, Johnny Depp talked about meeting One Direction--and let's just say it wasn't that memorable for him.

That's because the meeting was really for his daughter, Lily-Rose, who is a 1D fan.

When Jimmy asked how the meet-up came to be, Johnny explained (after a lengthy pause), "I don't recall that at all."

So cute.

He said, "No, that's not true," explaining that his daughter is "a great fan of One Direction" and she wanted to see them on the Ellen show, and he "hooked it up."

Johnny added, "I arranged for her to go and see them on the show and then they wanted to come back and say hi."

To his house. Yep, that happened.

Johnny noted that Jimmy seemed "somewhat jealous" about the 1D meetup, adding, "you seem freaked out."

Jimmy added, "I would be lucky if I could get the guys from 98 Degrees to come to my house."

Johnny had no clue who that vintage boy band is!



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