Justin Bieber, One Direction Concert Tickets: Why You Can't Ever Get Them!

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Ever do everything right and STILL can't score One Direction or Justin Bieber concert tickets because they're all sold out?! Well, now there's a new report out that explains why concert tickets are so hard to get these days. You'll probably be just as shocked to find out why as we were! Justin Bieber and One DirectionWhy can't you ever get tickets to Justin Bieber or One Direction's concert when they actually go on sale? You might be surprised!

According to NBC, fans can't get tickets to the hottest shows around because half of the tickets aren't even for sale for "average fans."

"They're giving them to the high-end credit card holders who get the email three days before you ever knew the concert was going on sale. They're giving them to the fan club. And then many of them go to the artist or to the venue," a source close to the concert business told NBC.

So basically you can't score good concert tickets unless you have tons of money?! What's even worse is that younger genre groups and entertainers' shows are the ones being slammed the most.

"For a One Direction show in New Jersey this month, documents reveal at least 64 percent of tickets were held back or sold to special groups, unavailable to everybody else," the report stated.

"But the most dramatic example is Justin Bieber. At his concert in Fresno, Calif., 92 percent of tickets went to special groups or were held back entirely. That means that of 12,000 seats, only 940 were set aside for the official sale date."

OMG! Can you believe that? Real fans basically don't even have a chance!

And why are groups like 1D and singers like Bieber being targeted? Is it because
they know the parents will pay or do whatever to make their child happy? Hmm sure does make you think!

Live Nation did speak out about this report and the 1D concert ticket claim telling NBC, "More than 11k One Direction tickets were made available to fans. These were available through various onsales. The One Direction ticket sales -- as is typical -- were open, public, advertised in a variety of ways and included on the One Direction Facebook page. The claim that only 4k tickets were made available is untrue and used to manipulate fans to drive them to secondary ticket sites."

Either way, we all know it's hard for the average person to score sweet concert tickets. Actually, what ever happened to the days where people stood in line outside of Macy's for concert tickets?!

Do you think it's totally B-S that concert ticket sales go this way now? Do you, as a Bieber or 1D fan, feel like you're being ripped off and targeted?

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