One Direction "Best Song Ever" Music Video: Their Best Yet?

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Will One Direction's "Best Song Ever" music video be the best one yet? So says Simon Cowell, who says he's impressed with the vid, calling Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis "very very smart." Can't wait! One Direction Best Song Ever music video
Serious One Direction fans know their music videos don't get much better than "Kiss You," but there may be an even better video coming for "Best Song Ever."

Simon Cowell endorsed the new video, calling it their "best video ever."

Well, best song ever = best video ever, right?

Still, that's high praise from grumpy Simon!

Simon recently tweeted: "Hi. A lot has happened in two days...The new one d video for best song ever is their best video ever, these boys are very very smart."

How smart are they and how does that translate into a kick-ass music video?

The anticipation may in fact be eating away at us until we actually get our peepers on the finished product.

If we get 5 out of 5 shirtless 1D guys in the video then fans will be more than satisfied. The rest of the video will be gravy, really.

We're expecting the 1D guys' "Best Song Ever" video to pile on the fun--fans were so over-the-moon about the "Kiss You" vid, we're hoping they go more silly than serious on their new one.

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