Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood: Which Singer Made More Money This Year?

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Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have A LOT in common but one of them did come out on top of the other when it comes to money!

According to a list released by Forbes on Monday, Carrie and Taylor both landed positions in the top 5 highest paid country stars of this year so far.

Toby Keith came out on top as the highest paid country singer, making over $65 million this year. Taylor came in right behind him on the list, raking in a whopping $55 million this year!

Carrie took the fifth spot, behind Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. She made around $31 million this year, thanks to her Blown Away tour and album!

There has been talk of a Taylor and Carrie country music feud before even though Carrie recently shut that rumor down.

Do you think it bothers Carrie that Taylor made more money than her? We don't think it does! Carrie has nothing to worry about, her career is VERY promising and her husband makes a lot of money too!

Are you shocked by how much cash these two ladies make?

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