'Teen Wolf' Season 3, Episode 5: Is Derek Dead?

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This week's 'Teen Wolf' episode kicked off with a bang. Scott has a nasty wound that won't heal and it appears Derek is dead after a battle gone bad with the Alphas. Check out what went down!
Tonight's Teen Wolf was all about flashbacks and mind trips.

And although the show started on a school bus trip, with the cross country team heading to a meet, the episode jumps all over the place with flashbacks to battles with the Alphas, Lydia and Aidan making out profusely and more.

Let's just say this was quite the eventful school bus trip.

The episode kicks off with two big revelations--Scott has an unhealed wound he got from an Alpha's claws, and it appears that Derek is dead.


Meanwhile, Lydia and Allison are tailgating the bus so that Allison can keep an eye on Scott. She also wants to keep Lydia away from Aidan, who has apparently been making out with the hot Alpha twin (there is a flashback to a make out session at one point).

Allison and Lydia's presence turns out to be a good thing for Scott later in the episode when Scott's wound turns black, almost kills him, and Allison sews it up and brings him back to life.

So, what exactly caused Scott's wounds and Derek's supposed death?

A battle between the werewolf gang and the Alphas gone bad-in a nutshell.

And although Allison almost saves the day by shooting some flash bombs into the middle of the fight-Ennis and Derek still take one heck of a fall.

While it looks like Ennis will make it when he pops up on a table at Deaton's veterinary's office, Deucalion changes that up by crushing the alpha's skull with his hand.

Who did make it was Derek-surprise!--who shows up (alive) at the end of the episode placing his bloody hand on Ms. Blake's car window.


What did you think of this week's Teen Wolf?

Don't miss the next episode Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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